5100 S. Eastmark Parkway, Mesa | 9am-1pm Every Saturday

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

What time does setup/takedown begin for vendors?

Set up begins 1 hour and 15 minutes before the market opens for all vendors, unless arranged otherwise. Takedown begins as soon as the market concludes.

8 AM start time = 6:45 set up / Noon takedown

9 AM start time = 7:45 set up / 1 PM takedown

How does set up work for all vendors?

Prior to setting up, EACH vendor MUST check in with Andy or Danny to be assigned a spot. If you setup without being assigned a spot you will be asked to pack back up and move to whatever spot is assigned. You MUST find one of us before setting up-we usually are on the south side of the market to help vendors to their spots.  For new vendors, feel free to ask others who we are, they will point us out.

Can I choose my location within the market?

No, new vendors are placed in available locations. Requests can be made however no vendor can be moved unless special arrangements have been made or a booth location has opened up.

Are there covered Booths available?

There are no covered Booths available.

Are Bathroom Facilities available at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Yes, there are 2 bathroom facilities nearby. One in the clubhouse and one by the Orange Monster Playground.

Are Tents and Tables provided?

No, tent(s) and table(s) are each vendors responsibility. You must also have tent weights to secure your tent.

Do I need Insurance?

All food producers are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance policy and list Cohere Life AND the City of Mesa as additionally insured. We recommend that any business has insurance!

Does the Eastmark Farmers Market accept Craft Vendors?

Yes. We try to have a diverse array of vendors and recognize the contribution that craft vendors make.

Does the Eastmark Farmers Market give exclusivity to Vendors?

The Eastmark Farmers Market does not offer exclusivity at this time however we do try to limit the amount of a particular product sold.

How many customers usually visit the Eastmark Farmers Market?

The Eastmark Farmers Market has an average of 1500 – 2500 customers per market.

How many Vendors usually participate at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

The Eastmark Farmers Market averages between 40-60 vendors for each market.

How do I become a Vendor at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Please find the Vendor Application link in the Vendors drop down menu on our website.

Is the Eastmark Farmers Market held come rain or shine?

The Eastmark Farmers Market will operate weather permitting only. The organizer will make a decision the day before and post that on Facebook and email all vendors that are registered.

Is there power at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

No, at this time there is no power available at the Eastmark Farmers Market. If a vendor requires power it is up to him/her to supply a generator.

Is there vehicle access to the booth?

No. All unloading takes place in the parking lot adjacent to the market. It is recommended that each vendor have a dolly or cart to assist with transport, if necessary.

Is there water at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Yes, at the Restrooms.

What are the operating hours of the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Saturdays from 8 AM to 12 PM for the months of April through October.

Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM for the months of November through March.

What is the cost for a Booth at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

The Eastmark Farmers Market charges all vendors who utilize a 10×10 space a flat fee of $25 per event.

All food trucks and trailers pay $40 per event.

The organizer will collect cash or check during the second half of the market onsite for each event.

What size Booths are Available at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Booths are 10×10 (for a tent setup). If requested, available and paid for, vendors can request an additional booth space on the vendor application.

What type of licenses are required to participate at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Food vendors are required to have a Maricopa County License.

All vendors must have a Transaction Priviledge Tax License from the State of Arizona.

Some cities require additional licensing; Mesa businesses, for example, must have a City of Mesa Business License. It is each vendors responsibility to be fully licensed.

What type of Vendors are allowed at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Food products, arts & crafts, produce, clothing and more. One requirement to participate is that you MUST sell a tangible item. We are not accepting any MLM, service vendors or others who are only looking to advertise at this time.

What’s the process to become a Vendor at the Eastmark Farmers Market?

Fill out the application that is under the vendors link.

Where do Vendors park?

Either in the dirt lot north of the market or in the parking lot south of the market.

What type of surface is this event held on?

All booths are set up on a concrete surface, similar to a parking lot.